Photograph by Seba Stianski, Brussels, 2016.

Photograph by Seba Stianski, Brussels 2016.

Hannah Reardon-Smith

(Australia/Belgium) is flutist and co-artistic director of Australian ensemble Kupka’s Piano. She is heavily involved with the creation of new music by emerging Australian, Asian, American and European composers, and with cross-continental performances and exchanges of these works. In addition, she is a keen improviser and composer, and a founding member of improvisation trio Rogue Three (Brisbane/Melbourne: flutes, trombone, and recorders) and the community improvisation and sonic nuisance collective Musicians for the Sonic Liberation of Brisbane.

Hannah is currently undertaking a PhD at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, exploring the work of several women who practice non-idiomatic improvisation. She previously completed an Advanced Master in Contemporary Music Performance at the School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium (2014-2016), under the mentorship of ensemble ICTUS, where she undertook a detailed study of Richard Barrett’s codex scores for improvising ensembles.

Hannah is recipient of the 2010 James Carson Flute Prize, alongside many other noteworthy awards. She pays the bills as a casual performing member of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and by freelancing as a writer, performer, yoga teacher, and disability support worker.