The City That Never Sleeps


  • Hannah playing the flute at the Piano Mill, 2021.

    multispecies collaboration: easter at the piano mill, 2021

    The struck chime sounds in the distance. Perched on the wet wood log of a fallen eucalypt that is suspended between three granite boulders and another tree, I am hidden from view by the moss, ferns, and rise of the rock. I start the tracks—recorded yesterday—on three phones, two borrowed, playing through three waterproof Bluetooth…

  • Adult female Iris oratoria performs a bluffing threat display, rearing back with the forelegs and wings spread and mouth opened. By CaPro [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons.

    An effective suspension of the rules of reality

    This interview first appeared on the blog of my ensemble Kupka’s Piano, ahead of our performance of five brand new works by young Australian composers in ‘ELEMENTAL’ on Friday 31 August, 2018. My fellow KP flutist Jodie Rottle chatted to me about my piece Mantis for 2 flutes + trio. We covered a lot of ground, from performer-composer-ing…

  • Some thoughts on Gary Peters’ “Philosophy of Improvisation”

    This post was originally published on my PhD blog: stay and make kin. There are definitely some salvageable insights in Peters’ Philosophy of improvisation (2009), and I will do my best to tease them out over time. I’m also aware that a lot of this will take a fair bit of thinking and engaging with some…

  • moon in libra | with Nicole Carroll

    First concert back in the subtropics was a duo performance with the incredible Nicole Carroll as part of a music technology staff showcase at the Conservatorium. It will be a semi-planned improvisation, named “Moon in Libra”. We structured it through a combination of making decisions about starting and ending, including an extended solo for Nicole…

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