Hannah Reardon-Smith


is a flutist, improviser, composer, radio presenter, curator, activist, and writer living on unceded Jagera/Yuggera/Turrbal land in Meeanjin (Brisbane).

Hannah is flutist, conductor, and co-artistic director of Australian ensemble Kupka’s Piano. She is heavily involved with the creation of new music by emerging Australian, Asian, American, and European composers, and with cross-continental performances and exchanges of these works. In addition, she is a keen improviser and composer, and a founding member of free improvisation trio Rogue Three (Brisbane/Melbourne: flute/s, trombone, and recorder/s) and duo Richard&Linda (flute/s, electric guitar, and live electronics) with her partner Liam Flenady.

Hannah has performed in international festivals including ManiFESTE (Paris), IMD (Darmstadt, DE), SPOR (Aarhus, DK), Kunstenfestival des Arts (Brussels), BIFEM (Bendigo, AU), Tilde New Music Festival (Melbourne), Totally Huge New Music Festival (Perth), and the Queensland Music Festival (Brisbane).

Hannah is currently undertaking a PhD at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, exploring a queer-feminist thinking of free improvisation founded in sympoiesis and contamination, featuring the work and voices of women and non-binary folk practicing in the field. She previously completed an Advanced Master in Contemporary Music Performance at the School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium (2014-2016), under the mentorship of ensemble ICTUS and flutists Mike Schmid (ICTUS) and Helen Bledsoe (musikFabrik), where she undertook a detailed study of Richard Barrett’s codex scores for improvising ensembles.

Recipient of the 2010 James Carson Flute Prize, Hannah freelances as a writer, performer, and teacher.

Image by Jai Farrell and Inkahoots for Kupka’s Piano.