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Kupka’s Piano‘s debut studio album is available NOW! You can purchase a digital copy from bandcamp here. Hard copies will be available at our launch event (7pm, 7th November, at The Burrow in West End) and any future Kupka concerts until they’re sold out. We are… Read More

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How did I get here?

I am a classical flutist by training. How did I go from traditional orchestral ambitions to having such an interest in the anarchic self-expression of free improvisation? (A word of warning… Despite my ambitions to keep this story fairly straightforward, this has somewhat turned into… Read More

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Dench timez: day 1

Today I began learning Chris Dench’s alto flute solo Gelb : Violett from his Vier Darmstädter Aphorismen (which contains a solo for each of the four standard western classical flutes – piccolo, concert/C-flute, alto and bass). When I start out learning a solo like this one I’m… Read More