The Brisbane List

a list of brisbane-based experimental musicians and performance artists who just happen to be women/trans/nonbinary/gender nonconforming

An incomplete list that I will happily add to. The list is in alphabetical order by first name for the hell of it. If you are organising some kind of experimental art event and want to contact any of these artists, please drop me a line and I will pass on their details asap.

If you or anyone you know of should be on this list – if you/they in some way practice experimental or underground live soundmaking and/or performance (and/or installations) and would like to be considered for local gigs and collaborations – please feel free to contact me here or via facebook. Also keen to include bands and collectives that feature not-all-cis-men. Just send me your name, art practice, a link to a website or example of your work, and some way of getting in touch (which if it’s a phone number or email address I won’t put up here directly, but will keep in a separate document to pass on to interested parties).

Happy weird-making!

Alex Jordan | artist, singer

Amanda Terry | violinist, improviser, composer

Amber Hansen | composer, producer, performer, electroacoustic musician

Anna Kho | percussionist, composer, curator, podcast producer

Anna Whitaker | sound designer, composer, audio engineer

Annie Larsen | clarinetist

Ariella Brooke Woods | performance poet, stand-up comic

Bonnie Hart | multidisciplinary artist, film-maker, music-maker

Caitlin Franzmann | interdisciplinary artist, focus on critical listening

Caroline Austin | interdisciplinary artist, working across installation, photography, sculpture and sound

Catherine Likhuta | composer, pianist

Charlotte Burbrook de Vere | violist

Charulatha Mani | vocalist, Indian classical musician, collaborator, improviser

Christina Langham | drummer, creative producer

Cieon Hilton | radio, performance art

Corrina Bonshek | composer, musician

Danielle Bentley | cellist, programmer, writer

El Brim | clarinetist

Eleanor Streatfeild | cellist, programmer

Elizabeth John | percussionist, improviser, programmer

Elizabeth Shearon | composer, multimedia artist (now based in Europe)

Ellie Harrison | violist, singer, improviser, composer

Elliot Rentoul | composer, conductor, teacher

Elouise McIntyre | composer, arranger

Emma Di Marco | saxophonist

Eve Klein | composer, singer, new media opera, electronica

Flora Wong | violinist, curator

Georgia Shine | cellist, improviser, dancer, facilitator

Hannah Reardon-Smith (aka cyberBanshee, aka me) | flute + electronics musicker, improviser, composer

Hannaka Johnson (aka Feather Collector) | singer, songwriter, performance artist

Heidi Chan | composer

Heidi Cutlack | bassist, vocalist, improviser, sound-maker

Helen Svoboda | upright + electric bassist, improviser, composer (now based in Melbourne)

IDYLLS | experimental rock band

Jamee Seeto | percussionist, improviser

Jan Baker-Finch | movement artist, eurythmist

Jandy Rainbow | electronica

Janet McKay | flutist, curator

Jasmin Leung | composer, erhu player, improviser

Jodie Rottle | flutist, performance artist, composer, improviser

Joyce To | percussionist, improviser (now based in Canada)

Karike Ashworth | multidisciplinary artist-researcher-teacher

Kat Martian | artist, musician, filmmaker, facilitator (now based in Europe)

Katherine Summit | composer

Kathryn McKee | cellist, singer, composer, producer, programmer

Kayleigh Pincott | vocalist, improviser, songwriter

Kellie O’Dempsey | performance drawing installation artist, collaborator

Kim Day (aka Lesbian Merzbow) | experimental DJ, noise, performance

Lara Baker-Finch | violinist

Laura Burstow | instrument maker, sculpture artist

Leah Barclay | sound artist, composer

Leif Arwen Gifford | video and sound artist

Loni Fitzpatrick | harpist, vocalist, improviser (now based in Far North Qld)

Lucia Ilett | electronica, dance core, solo & band

Lynette Lancini | composer, pianist, improviser, songstress

Marisa Allen | violinist, improviser, poet

Marisa Georgiou | interdisciplinary and performance artist

Meg Burstow | pianist, composer

Melanie Jade Simpson | sound maker

Melody Woodnut | sound, installation, contemporary theatre/liveness, film/16mm

Merinda Dias-Jayasinha | vocalist, improviser, songwriter

Miriam Byrne | composer

Monique Bartkowiak | cellist, vocalist, improviser, event-maker

Naomi Blacklock | sound installation artist, performer

Naomi O’Reilly | interdisciplinary artist, curator

Natalie Scalia | pianist

Necho Brocchi (she/they) | video artist, installations

Nicole Carroll | composer, performer, sound designer, instrument builder (now based in Newcastle)

Nicole Murphy | composer

Phoebe Bognár | flutist, composer, improviser (now based in Switzerland)

Rachael Archibald | visual artist, experimental musician

Rebecca Hlodich | experimental musician, visual artist

Rebecca Karlen | violinist, singer, improviser, composer

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones | percussionist, improviser, composer

Renata Buziak | visual artist

Saara Roppola | performance artist

Sally Molloy | visual  & tattoo artist, installations and sounding experiments

Samantha Axiak | experimental musician, visual artist

Sancintya Mohini Simpson | interdisciplinary and intersectional performance artist

Sandra Selig | musician, visual artist, experimental solo, found object, flute

Sarah Bellamy | bass guitarist, composer

Sharka Bosakova | garment designer, artist

Shelley Cheng | installations, visual artist

Shiitake Boii | experimental pop band

Skye McNicol | violinist, improviser

Sophie Min | pianist, composer, improviser

Taana Rose | improviser, vocalist, lyricist, singer, songwriter, producer, electronics

Tara Pattenden (Phantom Chips) | experimental electronics, noise, performance and soft circuitry

Tonestar Le Ru | guitarist, underground musician

Toukie Wood | violinist

Vanessa Tomlinson | percussionist, composer, improviser

Vicki Kelleher | poet (Minjerribah/North Stradbroke)

Yvette Ofa Agapow | noise artist, improviser, composer

Zoe Porter | performance artist